What a hoot we had last Monday night

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Juhoolia Juhoolia 1

Juhoolia here… What a hoot we had last Monday night at the HATS OFF 2012 fundraising concert at the Seymour Centre! Keeping company with all the stars, the cast of ANNIE, the cast of LOVE NEVER DIES, little Jack Vidgen, Julie Goodwin, Sam the redundant Wiggle, a host of other fa-habulous stars and yours truly! I decided as the theme was HATS OFF to the Freaks that it must be my red hair that makes me stand out from the crowd. Called many things, we are unique I admit… Ginger nut, blood-nut, ranga, ginger minge, fire crutch, it goes on! So I decided to salute the ra-hanga by paying tribute to Beyonce and sing a little number “All the Ginger Ladies” with my bodyguards/back up dancers Trent and Mark… I certainly have the booty and I am sure it will increase my popularity. And just quietly, I am all for same-sex marriage… Tim and I have the same sex all the time!!