The Real MOB Wives

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Hi from Diva HQ!

These last couple months have been busy!
Getting our MOBwives up and running for ‘Mothers of Boys” in Brisbane was great fun.
A Spanish theme for Konica Minolta, Kath and Kim for Yoga Synergy, a Japanese
Geisha singing ‘Sex Bomb’, a circus theme for a 21st, Priscilla at the Rock and the Ivy,
And Bette Midler for a 70th birthday!  We are now getting ready to go to Hong Kong for a private event (an Italian theme)  and we have just secured Carols by Candlelight at Narellan!
Enjoy this beautiful Autumn!

The Real MOBwives

‘Mothers of Boys‘ is a fantastic group of women who only have sons. They fundraise all year with the highlight being a grand luncheon. This year they are supporting the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. We will be doing the Sydney and Melbourne Chapters as well.. so if you want tickets drop me a line. MOB ‘s is a brilliant group of women who have fun while producing great events and supporting great causes.
Denise Morcombe is the special guest this year and what a courageous and  inspirational woman she is .. We created MOBwives as a fun video leading into our stand-up comedy routine and had the gals rocking to “Sisters are doing it for Themselves”
With Tom Sharah, Lena Cruz, Catherine Alcorn, Lesley Hancock and Jamison Hunt (Verushka Darling)

Viva Espana !!

This fab night was to launch the incentive to Barcelona  for Konica Minolta .. We provided a handsome Spanish Matador, a glorious flamenco dancer, and even the fabulous  Manuel, the famous bumbling spanish Waiter from Fawlty Towers! There was singing, dancing and a themed strolling table serving Sangria and Spanish Beer. Ole!!
With Gavin Brightwell, Monique Salle and Anthony Sottile

Geisha’s the Word ..

Pitti Sing rocked the house for Maddies Japanese themed 18th Birthday . The gals loved Leigh Sleigholme’s fabulous impersonation as he smashed ‘Sex Bomb’  ‘I will Survive‘ ‘I Kissed a Girl‘ and ‘Geishas the Word’ (paying homage to GREASE) I know … silly but brilliant !

Diva Strolling Tables

Spanish themed ,Great Gatsby , Alice in Wonderland , Marie Antoinette .These are just a few of the fabulous looks that we can theme our strolling tables .. Where WOW meets glamourous !
Pictured here is CatrionaHamilton at the Barcelona Launch at the Art House Sydney
Diva Strolling Tables

Priscilla rocks the Rock !!

The best thing about the camel farm at Voyages Uluru is the surprise arrival of 3 drag-queens over the sand dunes ! Seen here with CEO and staff of BT ..a fabulous end to a great conference  !
Priscilla rocks the Rock