March Happenings

COME FLY WITH ME 22nd March 2017 Final show at SLIDE – closing for renovations Flaps down, ready for take off, and assume the crash position! The long run of sold out shows for more than a [...]


Hi there… I hope you enjoyed Gilligan’s island and checked out the footage. As promised here is a look at our fabulous Priscilla Show.. The Priscilla Spectacular brings together fabulous [...]

Gilligan’s Island

Hi there… Its been a while since we’ve worked together so I thought I’d bring you up to date and introduce you to a few other entertainment acts I produce as well as the latest bespoke [...]

The Real MOB Wives

Hi from Diva HQ! These last couple months have been busy! Getting our MOBwives up and running for ‘Mothers of Boys” in Brisbane was great fun. A Spanish theme for Konica Minolta, Kath and Kim for [...]