New Website!

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Welcome to our new Leave it to Diva website. New Logo, new look, new shows as well. We are expanding our brand to tailored events as well and Hong Kong seems to be a favoured destination this year, showing off our brilliant Australian talent overseas.. Of course all our old favourites: Priscilla  Kath and Kim and Come Fly with me but we have the immense talents of Marney McQueen, Tom Sharah, Brendan Hay and Opera singers Antoinette Halloran and Phillip Calcagno joining the ranks for guest appearances. Rohan Seinor as PM Tony Abbott and of course Andrew Benson as Susan Boyle. Juhoolia Gillard might be in prison attire soon – a whole new show! watch out for The Three Shirleys – (as in Bassey) and French Opera goes GAGA. Off to Vegas in October for IMEX America  Donny and Marie are headlining at the Flamingo. I’m THAT excited!