Gilligan’s Island

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Its been a while since we’ve worked together so I thought I’d bring you up to date and introduce you to a few other entertainment acts I produce as well as the latest bespoke shows that have happened this year. Even though you receive my newsletter I thought I’d personally let you know about some of our latest and most popular shows for conferences and events. Over the next few days I will send you a ‘best of’ email. I’d love to chat about finding solutions to entertainment queries for your event.

Gilligan’s Island Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. That started on this tropic isle aboard this tiny ship…..

The Skipper, Gilligan, Ginger, Maryanne and Mrs Howell greeted the delegates of Plumbing Plus at Hamilton Island then escorted them to their 3 day conference on Daydream Island. The crew then performed a specially tailored show including the Gilligan’s Island Theme, I’m a Survivor, All the Ginger Ladies, I will Survive and We are Family. That night 2 hula girls greeted the delegates and a beautiful mermaid was stranded on a rock for photographs. Your shipwreck stars are professional music theatre artists and actors including RohanSeinor, Debra Krizak, Andrew Benson, Laurence Coy andBreeLangridge. This is a perfect destination show or island themed event.

This is a link to my webpage and below is some footage from the event at Daydream Island.