Mobwives – The Unreal Housewives

This act can be tailored for your event as the Unreal Housewives of … (  you fill in the blank!)


‘Mothers of Boys ‘is a fantastic group of women who only have sons. They raise money every year and this year it is the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. We will be doing the Sydney and Melbourne Chapters as well.. MOB ‘s is a brilliant group of women who have fun while producing great events and supporting great causes.
Denise Morcombe was the special guest this year and what a courageous and inspirational woman she is… We created MOBwives as a fun video leading into our stand-up comedy routine and had the gals rocking to “Sisters are doing it for Themselves”
You can see by the footage below that we were able to tailor the footage to “the unReal Housewives of the Whitsundays”. A fun night where Hamilton Island’s Julie Ford joined us as a Trophy Wife!
The possibilities are endless and “Housewives” will be touring soon!
With Tom Sharah, Lena Cruz, Catherine Alcorn, Lesley Hancock and Jamison Hunt (Verushka Darling)