Politically Incorrect

A parody of blundering pollies Tony Abbott and Jahoolia Gillard

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, performed by Rohan Seinor, and Jahoolia Gillard, played by the hilarious Lesley Hancock, will leave your delegates in need of a change of underwear as this comic duo take you through a super suppository of song and dance. Backed by daughters Bridget, Frances and Louise, Tony attempts to expand his limited vocabulary, belting out Robert Palmers “Simply Irresistable”. Jahoolia, taking her demise in her stride, and launching a career as cabaret performer/prancercise expert, chimes in her favourites, including “all the Ginger ladies” and “Survivor”, before swinging into the perfectly POLITICALLY INCORRECT duet,”Knight and Dame”, a Frank Sinatra classic. Sir Tony Abbott – Honorable MC, host or guest speaker for events and private functions.This is a full 20 minute production show backed by his three “Simply Irresistable” daughters.  He takes your guests through a rib tickler suppository of song and dance numbers, including his signature slogan “Stop the Boats”, “Wrecking Ball”; a song about his journey as Prime Minister of Australia, “I Love the Knightlife”, and his all time favorite Village People song, “March in March O’Man”. Sir Abbott is the perfect surprise honorable guest, to sing, dance, host, MC or speak at your next event or private function. For an outrageously fun knight, it’s Sir Tony Abbott.

“You were unbelievable last night, so funny. I’ll get my gang onto the task here and we’ll see if we can have you on air. Who wrote the lyrics? brilliant stuff.” – Alan Jones OA 2GB.