Diva Productions

Diva Productions are original shows from the Leave it to Diva creative team. These are our stable of hilarious performances that are tailored to your company. With some of the best talent in the country we bring you our take on the airline industry in Come Fly with Me as your company gets its own company jet and you all end up on a mystery flight.To our own Priscilla Spectacular with a combination of live and mimed singing. Absolutely Fabulous that iconic duo that have been wowing corporates for years and the latest jewell in the LITD Crown Diva Strolling Tables where WOW meets Glamour! Kath and Kim are tailored to your event with a special appearance by Sharon, and politics are also given the LITD treatment in Politically Incorrect.

LITD divas include such luminaries as:
Andrew Benson, Chrystal Degrussa, Rohan Senior, Brendan Hay, Nat Jobe, Marney McQueen, Trevor Ashley, Antoinette Halloran, Phillip Calcagno, Nathy Gaffney, Christopher Horsey, Lucy Maunder, Tom Sharah, Monique Montez, Joseph Panuccio, Liz Taylor, Deb Mitchelmore, Aaron Farley, Charisma Belle, Sheena Crouch, Daniel Floyd, Caitlin Berry, Tod Strike, Kurt Phelan, Lisa Adam, Anthony Carthew, Nathan Powter and Ben Moir.

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Come Fly With Me

Kath & Kim

The Priscilla Spectacular

Absolutely Fabulous

Diva Strolling Tables

Politically Incorrect

Mobwives – The Unreal Housewives