Upcoming Client Shows

 Gilligans Island. The skipper, Gilligan, Ginger, Maryanne and Mrs Howell will be greeting delegates and escorting them to Daydream Island. The crew perform a Gilligan’s Island themed show including songs such as, “All the Ginger Ladies”, “In The Navy” and “Survivor’… That night, two hula girls greet the guests and we even have  Ariel the mermaid stranded in a dinghy in the pool! Your Shipwrecked Stars and Gilligan’s Island crew are professional actors and musical theatre artists. On board are Rohan Seinor as Gilligan, Caitlin Berry as Ginger, Andrew Benson as Mrs Howell, Chrystal deGrussa as Maryanne and Laurence Coy as the Skipper.

The Three Shirleys –  Not one, but three Shirley Basseys in a sing-off that will astound!  Three legendary Divas – Antoinette Halloran, Lesley Hancock and Tom Sharah in a Bassey medley that will blow you away. Goldfinger, Never Never Never, Big Spender and I who have Nothing. Dipped sequins, and wrapped in feathers with outrageous arm movements. This battle of the Divas will rival The Voice!

 Burlesque meets  Moulin Rouge- Hong Kong -Corsetry, comedy & cabaret… From baritone to burlesque. Sultry and Sensuous, welcome to  Moulin Rouge! The brief is ‘Burlesque meets Moulin Rouge’. so with Australia’s top musical stars we trip through everything from Lady Marmalade, Roxanne,  Le Jazz Hot, Show me How You Burlesque, and All that Jazz. Sexy fun and fabulous.