Aphrodite – Greek Goddess

The Greek goddess herself -Aphrodite Costadina Hatzidimotropoulos Flatley and her son Lagi have arrived in Australia to great acclaim! Aphrodite Costadina Hatzidimotropoulos Flatley was a famous Greek/Australian cruise ship cabaret performer who unfortunately had her farewell tour on the Costa Concordia. Since then her talented husband, Stavros and their adorable son Lagi, have become iconic TV celebrities after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. Di now works as their manager and stylist working with other BGT talent like Susan Boyle ( who she got to know when Susan famously beat Stavros and Lagi in BGT). Di will entertain you with story and song a few Greek style tips. Di, her son Lagi and Susan Boyle are here as well.

“We engaged Lesley for our annual Mothers of Boys lunch at which 550 women attended.  Holding the attention of 550 chattering women is no mean feat, many have tried and failed in the past – not only did Lesley silence the room (well, except for their laughter!), she created a hilarious script and performance which was specific and appropriate to the audience.  Further, Lesley created a character which was specific to our theme of the day (our Big Fat Greek Luncheon).  Everybody loved it.  And this is a tough group to please!   We so appreciated that while the performance was risqué in part – there was no actual swearing which some people can find offensive  – it was just plain funny.   Further, without prompting, Lesley managed to wind in to her performance some of the key sponsors to this charity fundraising event in a hilarious but appropriate way –  the sponsors were absolutely thrilled with this.   This particular event has an 11 year history and the Board of Directors is well used to engaging entertainers for this event and for other events.  In the lead up to the event we found working with Lesley to be an absolute joy – with her professionalism and efficiency only surpassed by her very clever script writing and talent as an entertainer.  Would we book Lesley again?  You betcha – within a week of the last event we’d booked her again for next year – the sequel is planned!” Diane O’Reilly Mothers of Boys Fund Ltd.