The debut of Diva Strolling Tables

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The debut of Diva Strolling Tables The debut of Diva Strolling Tables3

The debut of Diva Strolling Tables2 The debut of Diva Strolling Tables1

Big month! The debut of Diva Strolling Tables  at Versace Hotel, see above ! Ramsay Health Care X factor conference with  Fashion Police,  Nutella Versace and Issy Miyukky, (Nathy and Jeremy Brennan ) and a very special guest, , Luciano! (the fabulous MJ Hurney) Dragons Abreast in Darwin, a special performance of Come Fly with Me with Rose Hancock as your Fright attendant and a special appearance by Gina Rinehart. Kath and Kim  are the flavour of the minute again, so Nathy and I have dragged out the perm and G string with our new show, Kath and Kim Kong! The PM Juhoolia is giving me more material than ever … so much fun. a special appearance at the Qantas revue last night, which by the way was brilliant. an annual fundraiser for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children..  love it!!   check out our  Singing Angel Tables for Christmas.. the best!